Continuous growth in our bid capacity and pre qualification capability
Our business and growth are dependent on our ability to bid for and secure larger and more varied projects. Bidding for construction projects is dependent on various criteria, including, bid capacity and pre qualification capability. We have focused on increasing both these parameters and have continuously increased our bid capacity and the largest order that we can bid.
Ability to execute projects in difficult operating conditions in a timely manner
We have been successfully operating even in adverse weather conditions. These conditions present challenges of trained personnel, timely supply of material, efficient functioning of machinery and security concerns. Our hands on entrepreneurial management and enterprise of our team ensures that these challenges are met consistently to the satisfaction of our employers.
Highly qualified management team and experienced employee base
We believe that a well-trained, motivated and satisfied employee base is fundamental to our competitive advantage. We have good strength of team including Engineers, MBAs and CAs. The skill sets of our employees give us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our clients and the technical requirements of the various projects that we undertake. We are committed to the development of the expertise and know-how of our employees through regular technical seminars and training sessions organized or sponsored by our Company.
The promoters have expertise and experience in the infrastructure sector and are actively involved in day to day operations. The experience gathered over the years by our management team enables taking quick decisions thereby ensuring that projects are executed within the contracted timelines. This also enables us to meet required standards of quality and efficiency.
Ownership of high end equipment
We have ownership of critical high end and modern construction equipment such as crushers, excavators, cranes, batching plants, pavers, etc. Our asset base stands over Rs. 40 millions. Ownership of such high end equipment enables quick mobilization besides ensuring continuous availability of critical equipment. This model of owning equipment gives us a cutting edge over competition.
GAUTHAM JAHNAVI CONSTRUCTIONS is distinguished by its singularity of vision and the optimism and confidence it displays in taking on the toughest of challenges.

GAUTHAM JAHNAVI CONSTRUCTIONS executes the construction of technically complex and high value projects across segments such as Industrial, Residential, Commercial Projects. Irrigation and Water Supply, Utilities and Urban Infrastructure. These projects exhibit GAUTHAM JAHNAVI CONSTRUCTIONS’s premier trademark – which is quality, excellence, and precision, turning them into engineering and construction marvels in their respective categories.
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